Bianca Richter

Bianca Richter is the sales representative within our technical department and is responsible for all questions and information relating to the technical training program and courses. She has gathered several years of experience in the tourism and aviation industry during her degree in economics and is also responsible for continuously analysis of customer´s needs as well as the observation of current market developments.

Jörg Sauerland

Jörg Sauerland is the accountable manager and training manager of our Part-147 approved maintenance training organization. He is also responsible for our apprenticeship program. Being a skilled expert with an active CAT B1 and CAT C license, he started his career in the line and base maintenance of airberlin technik. As an accredited instructor, practical trainer, assessor and former examination manager he has a wide knowledge of training organization and the needs of our customers. Jörg Sauerland is a member of several working groups within the European organization EAMTC (European Air Maintenance Training Committee) and the German Part-147 school circle, where we commit ourselves to educational aspects of technical trainings and focus on subjects such as ‘assessment’. The EAMTC acts as an advisory council to the EASA.